Executive Leadership

Arina Kirk, JLC President, is the Founder and Vice President of Operations for eAdopt. Arina has served as a volunteer in Partnership for Childrens Dental Health, Social Interest Group Task Force – Vice Chair, Placement Assistant Coordinator, Placement Coordinator, Management Team – Human Resources Manager, Board Subcommittees – Membership Initiatives Committee Member, Foundation – President, WearHouse – Committee Member, Foundation – President, Task Force – Operations Member and JLC Board of Directors – President-Elect. Arina is excited to work with a dynamic group of women ready to take the league to the next level.


Alicia Morris Rudd, JLC President-Elect, has been a member of the League since 1997. She has served as a Follies Cast Party – Committee Member, ABLE – Volunteer Tutor, LeaguePrint – Shop Seller – Sept. – Feb., WearHouse – Retail, 80th Anniversary Celebration – Committee Member, JLC Advisory Board – Committee Member, Mental Health Awareness – Chair, Cornerstone Campaign – Committee Member, Project CON:CERN – Chair, Community Impact Council – Manager, JLC Board of Directors – Utilities Chair, Planned Giving – Committee Member, JLC Board of Directors – Member At Large, Planned Giving – Committee Member, Board Subcommittees – Focus Advisory Committee Member, Board Subcommittees – Cornerstone Committee Member, Board Subcommittees – Focus Advisory Leader, Foundation – President, Community Impact Council – Sustaining Advisor, Board Subcommittees – 90th Anniversary Leader and Board Subcommittee – Community Connections Leader. Alicia brings a wealth of experience and excitement to the role.


Board of Directors
The Junior League of Charlotte, Inc.’s (JLC) Board of Directors is responsible for the governing and the monitoring of the JLC. The goal of the Board is achieving successes for the JLC that are based on the mission and vision of the League.

2017-2018 Board of Directors

  • President: Arina Kirk
  • CFO: Kamila McDonnough
  • President-Elect: Alicia Morris Rudd
  • Nominating Chair: Charlitta Hatch
  • Sustaining Advisor: Katherine Fuller
  • Board Secretary: Emily Reichs
    Members at Large:
  • Tonya Bruce
  • Molly Ward
  • Helen King
  • Nantasha Chryst
  • Tricia Magee
  • Sherri Belfield
  • Joy Patterson
  • Jamie Mills
  • Jane Grosse (Sustainer)

Management Team
The Junior League of Charlotte’s Management Team is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of the JLC to ensure the achievement of the purposes of the JLC based on the mission and vision.

2017-2018 Management Team

  • President-Elect: Alicia Morris Rudd
  • Nominating Vice Chair: Kellie Lofton
  • Management Team Secretary: Sarah Highfill
  • Human Resource Manager: Jenna Martin Pendry
  • Human Resources Assistant Manager: Monique Perry
  • Community Impact Manager: Neddra Vallesky
  • Community Impact Assistant Manager: Monica Holmes
  • Communications Manager: Christine Sperow
  • Communications Assistant Manager: Claire Magee
  • Education, Training & Advocacy Manager: Ashley Soublet
  • Education, Training & Advocacy Assistant Manager: DeOnn Griffin
  • Fund Development Manager: Kelly-Ann Fasano
  • VP Finance: Krystal Owens
  • Risk Manager: Dana Christians
  • Sustaining Advisor: Katrina Whelchel