JLC Mentor Program

The Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. (JLC) Mentor Program will connect two or more JLC members who are committed to each other for the duration of one League year. The mentor group will agree to share time, skills and energy with one another while respecting, listening and imparting knowledge within the relationship. Applications for the JLC Mentor Program are being accepted now until September 30. Applications can be found here. (JLC Member log-in required).

The mentee(s) and mentor will connect on a monthly basis. The mentees and mentors are expected to attend the program kick-off in October, the Mid-year training & social in February, and the program finale in May.  The program participants will receive training and guidance on successful mentoring practice. It is highly recommended that participants touch base in person each month; however, email or phone calls will help keep you connected if unable to meet face-to-face. A suggested list of meeting ideas will be shared, such as meeting for coffee, participating in a JLCtraining event, going ona walk, attending General Membership Meetings, participating in service events, etc.

The mentee(s) and mentor will be matched after completing an online application process. The application will allow for the mentor group to be based on compatibility using common interests, professional life, League experience, and the desired outcome of the mentor relationship. The program will be limited to a manageable size, so that the participants are able to receive the support needed throughout the year. If you are not matched this year, please consider reapplying next year.

The JLC Mentor Program has been designed to provide benefits to the mentee, mentor and the JLC. The hope is that the program further develops the potential of our members for leadership, heightens the appreciation of diversity within our League, builds lasting relationships, and strengthens loyalty to the JLC.

Graduates from the Mentor Program have gone on to take leadership roles within the league for the past two years, and we look forward to helping you connect this year.

If you have any questions, please contact Khrystyne Smith or Melody Sumter.