Leadership Development Institute

Who We Are

The Junior League of Charlotte’s Leadership Development Institute is a workshop series that educates, inspires, and connects Provisional, Transfer, Active and Sustainer in league members, and new this year, women in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area, through the study of six core leadership values: Do What’s Right, Lead Courageously, Inspire and Develop Our People, Deliver Today, Build for Tomorrow, and Passion to Succeed. The Leadership Development Institute monthly workshops are both interactive and engaging, designed to unlock the leadership potential in every participant.  Our goal is to help women develop their leadership skills and become some of Charlotte’s most influential women!

2015-2016 Leadership Development Institute Committee Members pictured left-right: Chair Whitney Jackson, Vice Chair DeOnn Griffin, Anjelica Boney, Jania Massey, Caroline Bransford, & Alexandra Zack. Not pictured: Hannah Beavers and Amy Murphy

Program Overview

Leadership Development Institute is an investment of $40 for in league members and $50 for external applicants.  The benefits include a curriculum of eight workshops (6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.) held the second Wednesday of every month (October 2016 through May 2017), optional community service and social engagement opportunities each month, a leadership book, and other training materials.  We will also have a Graduation Ceremony held in May of 2017.

The Application Process

Our application window will open on Thursday, September 1 and will close Friday, September 30! All Provisional, Transfer, Sustainer and Active members are encouraged to apply as follows:

  • Complete the application. – CLOSED
  • Submit recommendations through the online form. – CLOSED

Leadership Development Institute participants are selected by the Leadership Development Institute committee members after careful review of all application requirements received by the application deadline. An Application Scoring Matrix will be used to evaluate each application individually, and invitations will be extended to the top candidates. Applications must be submitted online and any incomplete applications (including missing letters of recommendation) will not be considered.  All candidates will be notified of selection by Monday, October 3.

Leadership Development Institute in Action: A Testimony from Emily Jordan, 2014-2015 Graduate

As most driven, type-A women, I thrive on personal growth and accomplishment. Not quite sure what to expect from the Leadership Development Institute, I was nonetheless proud of my acceptance and excited for the opportunities I was sure it entailed. 8 scheduled sessions, once a month, 15 members of varying status’, simple yet vague expectations and I had no clue what I would get out of it other than the obvious JLC benefits- networking, wine, lite snacks.

Though my excitement for Leadership Development Institute was strong at the start, as sessions continued, I became more inspired each month. Women from across the professional gamut spoke to our group about leadership styles, conflict, strengths, purpose, and risk. A naturally reflective person, I applied most of our trainings to my life and job at the time as a special needs teacher. I made more intentional efforts at work, changed my perspective about the people I regularly interacted with and approached confrontation differently. I began to internally investigate my professional and personal desires and though frustrating, discovered new goals and let others go.

I truly believe that the opportunities provided in Leadership Development Institute, along with the access to an open, honest, safe group, largely attributed to my personal growth. Though our members were in various stages in life, we embraced each other’s emotional struggles and respected what we could learn from one another. I don’t think I “lucked out” or just “had a good group,” thoughts I’ve once felt about other JLC experiences such as provisional group and placements. I believe the nature of Leadership Development Institute to promote the best potential of womanhood and empower participants to gain what they put into the process.

But it wasn’t until after the completion of the course that I recognized the true value of those sessions. After graduation, I experienced a tumultuous work experience and was essentially let go from my teaching position. Though I was considering a career shift, as my Leadership Development Institute class can attest, I hadn’t quite figured out what that meant yet so this came as an abrupt shock. I can say with certainty that something from each of our sessions enabled me to demonstrate the type of leader I am and hope to be to a new employer and propel me in a direction of success and progress. I have since got a new position within my field, in a management, leadership role and attribute so much of this to the Leadership Development Institute. With or without the wine, it was well worth my time!