Nurses Within the CMS System

JLC Position Statement on Nurses within the CMS system

Whereas, for school aged children, school nurses act as the front line providers in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System in all Healthy Child Initiative areas: Mental, Dental and Physical;

Whereas, school nurses provide health teaching and instruction individually, in small groups, classroom lectures, health fairs, and PTA presentations over a variety of topics including, but not limited to: AIDS/ STD education, prenatal and parenting programs, suicide prevention, hygiene, first aid, wellness/ fitness, and

Whereas, school nurses monitor and evaluate medication administration in schools of such as but not limited to: Ritalin, Lithium, Insulin, and epinephrine for the benefit of school aged children on a long-term, short-term and emergency basis, and

Whereas, in order to support and care for the health needs of school aged children, school nurses serve as liaisons between physicians, dentists, community agencies, mental health care providers and school aged children and their families;

Be It Resolved that the Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. supports the increase of government funding at all levels in order to provide for additional training, support and personnel so that the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System can meet the federally recommended school nurse to student ratio.