Sponsoring a Prospective Member

The next prospective member interest process for the Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. begins March 2018, and we hope that our active and sustaining members will consider sponsoring a woman for membership.  Please keep in mind that the strength of our organization lies in the commitment of each individual and willingness of our members to sponsor individuals.

If you intend to sponsor a prospective member, thank you for your commitment! Please note the eligibility requirements and sponsorship responsibilities included below.

We are currently offering one class per year to allow for a more streamlined provisional course.

Eligibility for Membership

A prospective member is eligible for provisional membership if she:

  • Meets the age requirement (23 years old by May 31 of current League year)
  • Must reside in Mecklenburg County or in those counties contiguous to Mecklenburg County
  • Has an interest in voluntarism
  • Is willing to make a commitment to community service
  • Is interested in developing her potential for participation in community affairs

The prospective member should understand that she can accept Provisional membership but choose to defer joining the provisional class to a subsequent year, should her current position prohibit her ability to fulfill the provisional responsibilities.

Sponsor’s Responsibilities

Below is a list of the sponsor responsibilities:

Each prospective member is sponsored by a member with resident member status. Both active and sustaining members may serve as the sponsor

  • First year actives are eligible to sponsor a new member.
  • The sponsor will honestly discuss with the prospective member her willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to be a League member.
  • The sponsor can also serve as a mentor for the prospective member. The JLC believes in the value of mentor relationships as it exemplifies the League’s direct service placements. We encourage sponsors to have an ongoing relationship with her prospective member through the provisional year to address any concerns the provisional may have.
  • The sponsor should make sure that the prospective member is able to meet the financial responsibilities involved with membership. As a provisional member, the individual is responsible for paying League dues upon her invitation, a provisional course fee, fund raising requirement and for fulfilling the WearHouse quota in either merchandise or in cash.
  • If you intend to sponsor a prospective member, please fill out the Sponsorship Form.


The 2017 Recruiting Process is closed. Please have your prospective member visit our Become A Member page for more information on 2018 recruitment.