Management Team

Management Team
The Junior League of Charlotte’s Management Team is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of the JLC to ensure the achievement of the purposes of the JLC based on the mission and vision.

2020-2021 Management Team

· Jamie Mills, Executive Vice President

· Whitney Hill, Executive Vice President Elect

· Kellie Lofton, President-Elect

· Destiny Jenkins, Nominating Vice Chair

· Ashley Morris, Human Resources Council Manager

· Sarah Lynn Davis, Human Resources Council Assistant Manager

· Spencer Collins, Communications Council Manager

· Tramayne Osbourne, Communications Council Assistant Manager

· Amber Shannon, Community Impact Council Manager· Shannon Eckard, Community Impact Council Assistant Manager

· Nicole Smith, Education and Training Council Manager

· Paris McAdoo, Education and Training Council Assistant Manager

· Brittany Wright, Fund Development Council Manager

· Alexandra Whitesell, Fund Development Council Assistant Manager

· Walker McLear, VP of Finance

· Casey Cogburn, Risk Manager

· Arina Kirk, Sustaining Advisor to EVP

· Betsy Conway, Sustaining Advisor to EVPE