Management Team

The Junior League of Charlotte’s Management Team is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations and management of the JLC to ensure the achievement of the purposes of the JLC based on the mission and vision.

2021-2022 Management Team

Whitney Hill
Executive Vice President

Terri White
Executive Vice President-Elect

Sarah Lynn Davis
Human Resources Council Manager

Becca Walters
Human Resources Council Assistant Manager

Juliana O’Rork
Communications Council Manager

Janica Buckley
Communications Council Assistant Manager

Shannon Eckard
Community Impact Council Manager

Carolyn Benton
Community Impact Council Assistant Manager

Paris McAdoo
Education and Training Council Manager

Briana McNeil
Education and Training Council Assistant Manager

Alexandra Whitesell
Fund Development Council Manager

Caley deSaussure
Fund Development Council Assistant Manager

Ashley Lowery
Nominating Vice Chair

Rachel Besnoff
VP of Finance

Sherri Belfield
VP of Diversity & Inclusion

Betsy Conway
EVP Sustaining Advisor

Morgan Squatriglia
Risk Manager