Leadership Training

Each member’s training starts with her Provisional course and continues within her placement programs during her active years. In addition to the experiential training our members receive through various placements and projects, the JLC features an Education, Training and Advocacy Council that provides a variety of learning and enrichment opportunities for our members, serving the very heart of our mission.

New Member Training: New Members are immersed in training from the beginning. They have a monthly small group meeting to learn about all of the aspects of the Junior League. Through these meetings and meetings with the larger Membership Development group, New Members receive information and reinforcement around effective voluntarism to participate over continued years of service. Training culminates in a New Member Capstone Project with a focus on the community. This New Member Training is included in the New Member fee.

General and Annual Meetings

General Meetings: General Meetings are held throughout the year and feature Keynote Speakers and subject-matter experts covering a range of topics. JLC Members attend at no additional cost.

The Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. also offers more intensive training programs for smaller groups:

Training Series:

Leadership Development Institute (LDI) Supports our goal to help JLC members become great leaders both in our League and in the community by strengthening leadership skills. Leadership Development Institute is an investment of $80 for JLC members (this includes your application fee of $20 and the participant fee of $60). The benefits of the program include eight leadership training workshops, two community service projects and numerous in-person social gatherings. Click here for more information.

Public Policy Institute (PPI) is an Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) award-winning training program that helps league and community members deepen their understanding of advocacy and public policy issues. The Public Policy Institute curriculum teaches participants advocacy skills on the local, state, and national levels. In the class, attendees will participate in a city council simulation. They will also learn from city council members, state officials, and community leaders who share their experiences of advocating for change. Open to JLC members, area League members, or community partners.

Training and Education Information and Questions:

Training and Education are a valuable part of the Junior League experience. If you are interested in serving as a Keynote Speaker, offering a location, or serving as a Non-Profit partner, please contact us at info@jlcharlottte.org.