Child Abuse Mission Statement


The Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. (the “JLC”) believes that every child has the right to grow, learn, and mature in an environment that is free from emotional, physical and sexual abuse, and neglect. We support the goals of the State of North Carolina for the preservation of the family unit so long as its preservation does not create a risk of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse or neglect of any child. We believe that children who are raised in an environment that is warm, supportive and nurturing are more likely to develop into responsible adults. Based on extensive research conducted by the Advocacy and Public Awareness Committee, the JLC has come to believe that the Charlotte-area community is in great need of programs related to the prevention of, and early intervention in, child abuse (in all its forms) and neglect (“Child Abuse and Neglect”).

Therefore, the JLC supports programs that focus on education, prevention and early intervention in Child Abuse and Neglect in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The JLC endorses the following approaches:

1. The JLC supports public education about (i) the current state of Child Abuse and Neglect in Charlotte and surroundings areas; (ii) the warning signs and indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect; and (iii) the necessity of every person fulfilling their community role as a mandated reporter of suspected Child Abuse and Neglect.

2. The JLC supports community programs that identify children at risk for Child Abuse and Neglect and that provide services to such children and families to enable parents and/or other care providers to create home environments that are free from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse without the intervention of the Child Protective Services Division of the Youth and Family Services Department.

3. The JLC supports the collaboration of community service providers (including, but not limited to, schools, law enforcement, the Department of Social Services, mental health services, and health care providers) for the creation and implementation of multi-disciplinary programs designed to prevent Child Abuse and Neglect through education, prevention, and intervention.

4. The JLC supports the increase of government funding, at all levels, for additional training, support, and supervision of social service professionals that work to prevent or treat the victims of Child Abuse and Neglect. Further, we support a reduction in current caseloads of social service professionals via additional staffing or other appropriate solutions.