Get On Board

The Junior League of Charlotte (JLC) Get On Board program provides training for JLC members and non-members to successfully serve on a nonprofit board of directors. Local experts will provide five interactive sessions focused on board roles and responsibilities, strategic planning, impact evaluation, engagement, fiduciary responsibilities, and fundraising. Attendees will graduate with the knowledge and skills to confidently contribute to their community as a nonprofit board member. Get on Board participants will have the opportunity to meet with nonprofits in the community through a networking session at the end of the course that will provide an opportunity to seek out organizations hoping to add to their boards.

Get on Board will be held at the JLC building, located at 1332 Maryland Avenue, Charlotte, NC on the dates listed below. The application for participants will open early November and close early December. Watch for more details and make sure to apply!

Session 1: January 15, 2020

Board Roles & Responsibilities: Information on key duties of a board including basic fiscal and legal responsibilities, principles of good governance, and best practices for creating an effective culture.

Session 2: February 12, 2020

Strategic Planning & Community Impact and Evaluation: Training on why planning matters, how it relates to the nonprofit business, process best practices, how to measure success, and more. Participants will also learn how to evaluate the impact that your nonprofit is making, whether your nonprofit is moving toward success, and how to continuously improve performance.

Session 3: March 11, 2020

Financial Policies and Fiduciary Duties of Nonprofits: Training on the fiduciary roles of boards, a high level review of non-profit financials, financials for strategic planning, and more.

Session 4: April 8, 2020

Fight the Fundraising Fear: We all know that getting donations is critically important for the success of the organizations we care about – like the Junior League! The problem is that actually getting to the ask can be awkward for some; for others, it can be downright scary. This session will provide concrete ideas and practical tips to help you get those donations in the door.

Session 5: May 13, 2020

Networking Session and Graduation

Application: click Here!

For more information, please contact Kelsey Ellender or Betty Wicker (