LBDI – How to Participate

How to participate in #LBDI:

Follow the steps below to sign up. Then, during the week of March 8-12, wear a black dress (or outfit) with the provided pin to spark conversation about the #JLC #LBDI initiative to raise awareness about poverty in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click on Join the Campaign button in the middle of the webpage

Step 3: Enter your email and password to create your account

Step 4: Provide the requested information to complete your account set-up (you will be prompted through four pages):

  1. Profile photo and name
  2. Your fundraising goal,
  3. Message to your supporters and finally…
  4. Share your site via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more! Tips & sample emails/posts are coming soon!

Step 5: View your Dashboard to track progress of your campaign

Step 6: Fundraise and educate about the JLC mission during the week of March 8-12. Use one of these Zoom backgrounds to get conversations going.

To raise awareness about poverty and promote the Little Black Dress Initiative, we suggest the following:

  • Social Media Posts –
    • During the week, post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #JLC #LBDI.  You can post a fact, picture, or other idea to bring awareness to the cause.  We will help you by posting daily facts on the JLC Charlotte Facebook and Instagram page that you can share and repost; we will also send all participants a daily email with suggested post ideas!
      • Sunday, March 7 consider posting to Social Media a kick-off to the event and explain what you will be doing that week.
      • Consider posting one image per day of you in your black outfit on social media. Let those in your network know how much you’ve raised toward your goal (and how much more you hope to raise), and be sure to always include your fundraising link.
      • Consider posting one statistic about poverty in Charlotte OR dispel a misconception per day and be sure to always include your Click and Pledge fundraising link.
      • Thursday, March 11 is a good time to let your network know how much the JLC has raised to date, how much you personally have raised toward your goal, how much you appreciate donations (include pictures from the week!), and that there is still time to donate.


Questions: Email us at


Social Media Tips – #JLC #LBDI2021


Facebook is a key tool for raising awareness of the #JLC and #LBDI as well as reaching a larger audience who you might not feel comfortable reaching out to directly, but still may contribute to your fundraising efforts. Here are some suggestions on how you can use Facebook:

  • Use the LBDI logo as your profile pic/cover page from the week leading up to the LBDI campaign through the duration of the initiative.
  • Use the Facebook profile frame created for the LDBI campaign.
  • Post daily teaser photos, such as a picture of your outfit.
  • Post daily photos of you in your outfit during the week of the initiative and updates about how much you’ve raised toward your goal.
  • Along with images, promote the cause further by including a poverty statistic, dispel myths around poverty, or highlight the JLC purpose statement around the issue-based community impact area of generational poverty.
  • Consider tagging friends who have supported you in thank you messages to spread the word.



Instagram is a quick and easy tool for sharing your awareness campaign.

  • Let people know you’re going to be fundraising by posting pictures of your outfits and from all of the events.
  • Upload daily pictures of you wearing your outfit throughout the week.
  • Show a photo of the wear and tear on your outfit and how wearing the same dress without being able to accessorize it makes you feel.


Sample posts to announce the start of LBDI:

Sample Facebook post:

During the week of the March 8-12, The Junior League of Charlotte is launching the Little Black Dress Initiative, which will seek to raise awareness about the limits poverty can play on employment opportunities by asking our members to wear one black outfit for a week. As part of the initiative, I will be raising money, which goes to support the JLC mission of promoting volunteerism, developing the potential for women, and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Your contribution will improve the lives of women and children in our community. Please support me in this initiative by donating here (hyperlink to your personal fundraising URL). #LBDI2021


Sample Email:

Hello all,

March 8-12 I will be participating in The Junior League of Charlotte’s sixth annual Little Black Dress Initiative – a campaign to raise awareness of the challenges those who live in poverty face daily. As a participant, I will be wearing one black outfit for five working days

  1. To raise awareness of the difficulties facing those who are in need and have few resources
  2. To understand how limited resources can affect daily life
  3. To fundraise support for the mission of the JLC: to promote voluntarism, to develop the potential of women and to improve the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers

I hope you will support me in this initiative by making a donation to The Junior League of Charlotte!

Please check out my site here (hyperlink to your personal fundraising URL) and follow me on social media throughout my #JLC #LBDI2021 journey.

Thank you and warmest regards!