Little Black Dress Initiative | 2023

We are so excited to announce our 2023 Little Black Dress Initiative!  From March 5-11, we’re inviting all JLC Members — as well as our allies and fellow advocates in the community — to join us in an awareness and fundraising campaign aimed at furthering the critical mission of the Junior League of Charlotte.

As we prepare for our campaign, we are honored to share this video interview with Zena Martin, who originally founded the Little Black Dress Initiative during her time with the Junior League in London.  Zena shares with us her inspirational story, her insight and her incredible energy.  She also tells us the story behind LBDI’s slogan, “make poverty unfashionable” and gives us some great tips for maximizing our fundraising efforts.  Please enjoy this video and get ready for LBDI!!

WHAT:  The Little Black Dress Initiative invites participants to wear the same black dress (or outfit) every day for five consecutive days in order to spark conversation and increase awareness about the challenges facing members of our community living in poverty.  Our dual purpose is to build awareness and to raise funds to support the core mission of the JLC.

WHO:  Anyone and everyone can participate!  LBDI is open to all and is a campaign that fosters individual advocacy.  Members can activate their individual fundraising platforms, participate in teams and/or invite their family, friends and coworkers to join in!

WHEN:  March 5-11, 2023

HOW:  Activate your individual or team fundraising page. Pick up your “Ask Me About My Dress” pin at the JLC Headquarters. Wear your dress starting on March 5, prepare to share your story on social media and be on the lookout for fundraising tips and tricks from us when the campaign launches.

WHY:  Funds raised during the LBDI campaign will support the JLC’s mission of serving the health and educational needs of children from birth to fifth grade in critical areas of Mecklenburg county in order to promote school readiness.