Apply to be a JLC Community Partner

The Junior League of Charlotte Application for Community Partnership:

Applications for June 2024-May 2025 are now open, click here to apply. Applications are due by midnight on September 15.

Join our legacy of collaboration.

A partnership with The Junior League of Charlotte, Inc. (JLC) accomplishes several objectives. First, it ensures that a program or an initiative needed in a community has a good chance of succeeding because it considers all stakeholders’ interests and applies a volunteer leadership team of negotiators, collaborators and service providers to the task. Second, it helps the partner NGO or nonprofit get closer to fulfilling its mission.

JLC will allocate financial and volunteer resources to promote, support and provide access to mental and physical health programs and services for children from kindergarten to fifth grade. We will partner with various nonprofit organizations that focus on:

  1. Programs that do the following:
  • Promote Healthy Living such as fitness, understanding nutrition and encouraging healthy choices and behavior.
  • Support Mental Well-Being such as support for social-emotional learning (SEL), bullying, abuse, neglect and safe spaces.
  • Provide Access to Healthcare and Food such as increase access to healthcare including immunizations and health screenings. Improve access to affordable, well-rounded meals.
  1. Serve priority areas of Mecklenburg County encompassing zip codes: 28205, 28206, 28208, 28212, 28216, and 28217.


Requirements for the Consideration of Applications

  • The organization must be tax-exempt and provide proof of 501(c)(3) IRS exemption status upon application. In the case of a governmental body or agency, in lieu of 501(c)(3) evidence, please provide documentary evidence that the agency is an instrumentality of a local, state or federal government.
  • Organizations and programs must be consistent with the JLC Mission Statement, Focus Area and Initiatives.
  • Organizations and/or programs must be prospects for continuing service or operation with a minimum of 12 months in service or operation prior to application submission.
  • Organizations must provide volunteer opportunities for at least 10 JLC members. Note: Most JLC members work a traditional 9-5 schedule, therefore, priority will be given to opportunities that are outside of those hours (e.g., evenings and weekends).
  • JLC volunteers will each contribute 40 hours of volunteer time, including on-site activities, planning, preparation, committee meetings and general committee responsibilities as assigned.
  • Organizations must have operations located in Mecklenburg County.


Applications will NOT be considered for:

  • Faith-based organizations or projects with spiritual components.
  • Individual needs (e.g., transplants, medical emergencies, balloon payments, scholarships, tuition, etc.).
  • General fundraising campaigns, contributions or unrestricted funds for capital campaigns.
  • Political, fraternal or social activities or candidates.
  • General overhead, technology-related or salary expenses.
  • Volunteer opportunities in administrative roles, e.g., roles of childcare, answering phones or processing documents.